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Film 27.01... 15.04.2007

Marine Hugonnier

Practical Information

period: 27.01... 15.04.2007

Citadelpark, B-9000 Gent
T: +32 (0)9 240 76 01
E: info@smak.be

€ 5: individual visitors
€ 3,80: groups larger than 15 and concessions (students, under-25s, over-60s, etc.)
€ 2,50: school groups

Marine Hugonnier

Marine Hugonnier (1969) makes films and photographs. She explores the way a landscape determines History, or vice versa: how ideology shapes a landscape. She will present a Trilogy made of three super 16mm films transferred to DVD. The way she depicts this is at the same time a reflection on the possibilities and limitations of film and photography.

Ariana (2003) is the story of a film crew whose intention is to film the mythical Panjshir Valley. This film is the story of a failed project that prompts a process of reflection about the idea of ‘panorama’ as a form of strategic overview, as a cinematic camera move, and about its origings as a pre-cinematic mass entertainment.

The Last Tour (2004) is set at the end of the Age of Spectacle, at a time when these tourist attractions are about to be completely closed off to the public. In this fictional story ‘a final voyage’ over the renowed Matterhorn is undertaken in a balloon.

Travelling Amazonia (2006) centres on the artist’s attempt to draw a line – through the making of a travelling shot – whose linearity is to re-enact that one of the Transmazonia as a project carried out in the 1970s by the military dictatorship.


je découvre le site du tourisme en Flandres et cette exposition extrêmement bien scénographiée avec des oeuvres de qualité ! Merci, je ne manquerai pas de faire une visite réelle et non plus virtuelle.

Fath (posted on sun 08.04.2007 07:36:08)