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03.04... 13.06.2010

03.04... 13.06.2010


Citadelpark, B-9000 Gent
T: +32 (0)9 240 76 01
E: info@smak.be

Ed Templeton


... In your footsteps bro.

Cheers Poernaka

Poernaka 01.03.2010 15:37:30)

Echt ongelooflijk fantastisch, zaterdag 03.04 zijn we er zeker bij.

eRIC 29.03.2010 11:50:37)

bloodsucking i'll be there

zKuz 01.04.2010 01:35:38)

Toy machine or die!

toy machine 02.04.2010 15:17:29)

Dag Olivia,

ik herkende je meteeen aan je ... voeten


Gino Vansuyt 03.04.2010 16:20:37)

great exhibition, a very kind ed templeton, patiently signing stuff and taking pictures with visitors, an evening like visiting a concert, we had lots of fun

visitor x 03.04.2010 18:26:00)

Where are the photos shooted by Mr Templeton during the event ?

Great exhibition with a lot of new creations or older seen in beautiful losers...

sylvain 10.04.2010 11:36:09)

Does anyone know if Ed Templeton will return to the museum?

Fiona 26.04.2010 21:50:11)

Hi Fiona

Ed Templeton is coming back this Sunday 25.05 at 18:00. Please join us: we show two movies and you can ask questions at Ed Templeton. See you there!

Eline, S.M.A.K. 21.05.2010 11:24:42)

vond het waanzinnig mooi

Marco Raaphorst 28.05.2010 22:40:29)

Estou tentando falar com o Philipe Van Cauteren, quem tiver a oportunidade, por favor pede pra ele dar uma olhada no www.punctumstudium.blogspot.com
A série numerada de fotografias, ë a minha lida com o espaço.

Robson Corrêa de Araújo 19.10.2010 14:01:32)

Ik vind Ed Templeton een zeer intrigerend persoon, daarom ga ik er een eindwerk over maken, maar ik heb een probleempje..
Wat is de link tussen Ed Templeton en Mike O'Meally?

Jana 21.05.2011 18:44:27)