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Opening 'Casino 2001': performances at SMAK and Bijlokemuseum


Mike Sale (foto Dirk Pauwels)

Patty Chang (foto Dirk Pauwels)

Patrick Tuttofuoco (foto Dirk Pauwels)

Jason Dodge (USA)
Jason Dodge’s performance is part of his work for CASINO 2001 and is entitled ‘How to find your way if you are lost in the ocean’. A performer - an at-tractive young girl - addresses the visitors and tells them in a whisper how to find their way when they are lost in the sea. The simple, somewhat poetical instructions catch the listener unaware and excites their imagination. Courtesy of the artist and Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Patty Chang (USA)
‘Looking at yourself in the mirror is an act of self-seduction,’ says Patty Chang. In this way she refers to her preference for video performances in which she explores such themes as identity, sexuality and fantasy in an extraordinarily unsentimental way. ‘The Extension of Nothing - Removing the Floor in Pieces’ (2000-2001) is a performance with a mirror 2 m. in diameter, covered with water and laid on the floor of a the monastery corridor of the Bijloke. The flat surface of the mirror and the illusion of depth create a ‘fun house’ optical illusion. Courtesy of the artist and Anna Kustera - Jack Tilton Gallery, New York

Mike Sale (UK): ‘Traffic’, 1998-2001
Mike Sale’s work ‘Traffic’ consists of two parralel straight yellow lines painted trough the Floralia Hall between S.M.A.K. and the Kuipke. Its colour and dimensions are like those used in traffic markings, so that one is led along the line to the other location. At the opening, Sale himself will lie face-down, on the line, with the yellow lines running over his body. With the accompanying traffic sound recorded from his appartment window in Berlin, Sale brings a snatch of daily reality into the exhibition. The line painting exists in its own right without the performance and will remain until the end of the exhibition.
Courtesy of the artist and XL Xavier Laboulbenne, New York, Berlin

Patrick Tuttofuoco (Italy)
For CASINO 2001, Tuttofuoco turns the increasingly rational principles of contemporary design upside down with his designs for tank-like bicycles. His boxy vehicles, called ‘Prototypes’, are portraits of his friends and look almost as if they originate from cartoon films. They force us to think about what a bicycle should or could look like. During the opening of CASINO 2001 he will appear with his vehicles on the wooden track of the Kuipke, where international cycling competitions are also held. Visitors are invited to ride the vehicules
Courtesy of the artist and Studio Guenzani, Milan

The opening will be brought to a close with a dazzling party. It will start off with a performance by TO ROCOCO ROT:
This trio from Berlin and Dusseldorf reconciles abstract electronics with contemporary dance music. The music by the Lippok brothers, the bassist Stefan Schneider and the New York turntable player I-Sound is largely instrumental and creates a complex world of warm, dense textures, gentle rhythms and samples that also express a love of pop music and experimental music. This group’s work links rock and electronics. They are stopping off in Ghent during their tour of Europe. Check out their new album, ‘Music is a Hungry Ghost’, out now on Virgin Records.